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My mother, who knows nothing about technology, had no idea why I named my company ‘Orange SMS’.  The Orange designation was particularly perplexing to her. What she came up with was:

“Poets tell us there is no other word that rhymes with ‘orange’. That makes the word ‘orange’ unique. Ergo! My son’s business, is a unique business, so it carries the name Orange SMS”

Dr. Janice T. Adkins (Les’ Mother)

Let Orange SMS help you create a unique digital strategy that engages your customers on a personal level to move them into action.




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Les Adkins and his team help businesses bridge the gap between the old corporate way of doing things and the new tech-savvy business models.   As seen on FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS, Les Adkins is an international speaker, soon to be author, and game changer in the digital world.   Les helps organizations and individuals build influence, generate revenue, and create a Whole Brain(TM) Digital Strategy to succeed in a Digital World!




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So having been on the road the last several weeks I am a...

Back in 2015 I wrote a blog called Influence- Digital Influence. It started...

So lately I have been meeting with several entrepreneurs and finding a certain...

So No, for all you March Madness fans this is not another blog...

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Les Adkins can be booked for corporate or public events. Working with Social Media since 2006 Les adds a view of Social Media and Digital Strategy that is pure and entertaining. It’s not just about building an online presence, it’s about building Influence and how to “Get It Right”! Les has shared the stage with the likes of Les Brown, Sharon Lechter and others. Whether big or small your group will be engaged and entertained.

For booking information use the contact us form.



Let the Orange SMS team help you grow your organization. “Get It Right” is not just a motto with us it the way we do business. Our consulting team brings years of experience with corporate and private business. B2B and B2C. If you want a partner to help you grow your business then allow us the opportunity to speak with you for a free one hour Discovery Meeting. We help you overcome the challenges you are facing and the outcomes you desire.

In this fast paced digital age, let Orange SMS help you stay ahead of your competition and “Get It Right”



Les and his team have collaborated with many corporate teams from around the world. Their World Class programs have created opportunities for organizations that include, “…10 million plus opportunity that was sealed over a dinner conversation…”, “…creating a strong business relationship…” “…an online presence that creates revenue…”, “A winning team that met 640x ROI (Return on Investment) that was well over $60million of competitive new business deals..” Working with a Whole Brain Approach™ Orange SMS can help your team create a successful way to “Get It Right” from technical to sales and Executive collaboration.




Orange SMS offers the “Get It Right” workshop for companies that are creating a digital strategy. If you want adaptive marketing campaigns, to reach and retain more customers, and build Influence in your online presence this workshop is for you and your team. At the end of this workshop you will come away with a customized mobile and digital business strategy that uses a Whole Brain Approach™ to build loyalty with any campaign or strategy.  

You can learn more about the “Get It Right” workshop by downloading the course description here.

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