Do You Have Reciprocity with your Network?

Do You Have Reciprocity with your Network?

So Do You? Have reciprocity with your network? And what is reciprocity? Well reciprocity is one of Dr. Robert Cialdini’s 6 principles of Influence. Douglas T. Kendrick Ph.D writes a great article that explains the 6 principles of influence but I want to talk about Reciprocity today.

As humans, we generally aim to return favors, pay back debts, and treat others as they treat us.-

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So why do we need to understand this principle when it comes to our Network. Well lot’s of times we look at the people in our network for what they can do for us. I’m not knocking that, but to have a truly powerful network you have to work as a team or community.

So I actually had someone tell me the other day that in order for them to get business they have to have a specific occupational person in their network but that person wouldn’t want them in their network. So I thought about this. I thought about this for awhile. Finally I thought really. So you become subservient to this person just hoping that they throw you a bone and you have nothing of value that you see that they would be interested in having you in their network. Confusing, right? I thought so.

This is what it means to have a truly successful network. The people in your network not only add value to your life and business but you must add value to theirs also or the relationship will not last. It needs to be reciprocal or it doesn’t work, or at least for long.

So when you are looking at someone to bring into your network you need to truly evaluate them and they you. You need to both make sure that you are going to add value to one another through what you bring to the table. Whether that be an expertise that they don’t have, a connection or connections of people that you don’t have or any number of things that would add value to both your lives.

So the best way to bring this home is to give you that classic example of when your girlfriend or wife tells you that you just don’t bring the same energy to the relationship that they do. Ever heard that? Hopefully not. But with others they won’t tell you that they will just quietly go away and you’ll wonder why they don’t return your calls anymore.

Reciprocity some times get’s a bad wrap. You do something for me and I will do something for you. If this has to be forced then this person should probably not be in your network because it is not good for either of you.

So when building any type of lasting network figure out two things. Can you be of value to them, and can they be of value to you? If yes put them in your network and work at the relationship. If no then maybe you should move on.

If you have time take a look at Dr. Robert Cialdini himself explaining the 6 principles of Influence

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