Social Influence Integration – What does this mean to You?

Social Influence Integration – What does this mean to You?

So I’m sitting in my now home away from home, Chattahoochee Coffee House, getting some needed work caught up and one of the things I need to do is to continue my weekly blog. Yes folks I said weekly. No matter what you are doing, and I am going to prove it, the least you can do is write one blog per week. I am going to keep this up from now until infinity. Ok maybe not infinity but hopefully a long time. LOL. You might get some bonus blogs from me, but I am committing to once a week.

So this week let’s discuss what “Social Influence Integration” means to you. And more importantly why should you care?

What is Social Influence to you? Let me know by commenting but the Business Dictionary defines Social Influence as:

The actions, reactions, and thoughts of an individual are influenced by other people or groups. Social influence may be represented by peer pressure, persuasion, marketing, sales, and conformity.


So what does this have to do with you and why should you care? Well, with all the social media tools and digital and mobile devices out there in the world, you as an individual and organizationQuestion Mark need to understand how important Influence is in building loyal customers, connections and employees.

Whether you are pretty good at this digital, social media thing or not (and there are a lot of people and organizations that are) you need to understand that in order for your Digital Presence to last and be relevant you need to be able to PERSUADE others to do what you want them to do through your digital strategy and messaging. And guess what? (Ready I’m going to scream it)


There is a time for that but not when you are first building Influence in your digital strategy . It works like this:


If your ultimate goal is to sell more stuff, you need to build Trust and Influence first. There is a specific way to go about that and it would be too long for me to go into here but keep in mind that it takes work and it doesn’t happen over night.

So next time someone asks you what are you doing with Social Media or in the Digital Environment do me a favor and tell them that you are trying to build Influence.

You may not know what that exactly means but at least it will get the conversation going  in the right direction, instead of discussing building your next slick Social Media page.

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