Influence – Digital Influence

Influence – Digital Influence

So you have all these platforms on social media and it just doesn’t seem to be working like you thought it would. I even recently met someone in the B2B world that flat-out stated this new Digital World is not as big as people make it out to be. We ended up agreeing to disagree. So why are there still hold outs like the gentleman I recently met and other companies dismissing the digital, social media world as irrelevant. Well I have my opinions and without going into detail here is my main opinion:

They don’t understand it!!

You see Social Media is not like anything else that has ever existed. It’s being used for “digital marketing” purposes but not that well if you ask me. Also the reason it is being used as a marketing tool is that is all that most people are familiar with and so they have tried to fit it into the marketing world. I’m not saying you can’t use it to enhance your marketing strategy I’m just saying that it is so much more.

I’ve been in the Social Media world since 2006. For those of you who think it’s been around a long time let me just state bluntly “You Are Wrong” Social, has been around for a while, quite along while, but social media really has just been in the public eye since around 2002 and the business eye since around 2003 with the launch of LinkedIn. Here is a good story around theHistory of Social Networking

So the biggest new things for companies to do in regards to this Digital World is:

  1. Have an overarching digital strategy that matches their business objectives
  2. Build Influence with the audience they have or are trying to get

Influence is a little bit more than Trust. Although it starts out with Trust and that is where some businesses are still getting it wrong. If you want to find out more about Trust check out Chris Brogan’s book Trust Agents So what is the right way to do it? It’s called:



How do you get Influence? Why do you need it? and How do you keep it?

Well first – How do you get it (It being Influence)? It’s about your message that you are delivering. It Needs to Add VALUE to the person’s life and or their business. When building your digital network you need to make sure that you are delivering content that your audience sees as valuable.

Why do you need it? In order to have a viable digital network you need to be able to leverage the network for both you and them. There is an old saying that has been around forever. And it is represented by four letters.


What’s In It For Me???? That is what everyone asks themselves each time they join someone’s network or become friends with the other person. Relationships only are sustainable if it works both ways. Meaning they get what they need and you get what you need. But in order to do that there must be Influence present.

How do you keep it? So this is way too long to go into in this blog. We”ll need to do another one on all three of these. But the short answer is Interaction. Valuable interaction between you and your network (individuals) on a constant basis. If you want to leverage and have influence in your network it can’t be a one time only deal. You have to cultivate your network like you would a marriage, or a garden or any worthwhile relationship.

Hope this helps and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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