Getting Back to My Roots!

Getting Back to My Roots!

So I’m getting closer to the end of my 30 day journey and let me tell you this one has Finishdefinitely been a roller coaster ride with all the highs and thrills included. There have been some life changing events that have taken place in a very positive way.

My digital presence has expanded from what it was and it is getting ready to take another significant jump upward. (You’ll have to wait and see as I can’t share with you all that is happening quite yet.)

I  train others on how to create an online presence and Digital Strategy. But building an online presence takes work and time.

Part of the journey is realizing where you need work and what you need to work on. So, here are 9 quick tips for Branding yourself or company online from Bob Baker.

  1. Define your brand up front.
  2. Lead with what you do, not who you are.
  3. Use a real person as a figure-head.
  4. Develop a fan-club mentality.
  5. Make good use of words.
  6. Make sure visual elements reinforce your identity.
  7. Become a one-stop destination.
  8. Publish an e-mail newsletter.
  9. Be visible through online forums.
Go to 9 Ways to Create a Rock-Solid Brand Identity Online to go into more detail regarding the above tips.
Bob Baker is the author of “Branding Yourself Online: How to Use the Internet to Become a Celebrity or Expert in Your Field.” Download two chapters and get more branding tips at
I still believe that engaging your followers or connections is far more important than having a large following. But there is a lot of noise out there claiming that a “Social Media Consultant” should have a large following. I completely disagree with this philosophy and believe engagement and strategy out weigh the size of your following. So much so that we are getting ready to launch an app that limits the number in your community to allow you to build influence and relationships in a better and fun way.
So whatever industry or field you are in, go back to your roots and see what you need to work on.
If you have strayed off course or need to sit down and re-focus I highly recommend you take the time to do it. Also if you have someone close to you, that you trust,  have them give you a good kick in the ass. Sorry for the language but that is exactly what happened to me and I owe my wife a lot for that one-act. So enjoy and always remember to do what your gut says and the rest will follow!

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