How to Win!

How to Win!

So why the big deal about Winning? Yesterday we discussed the subject of Educate or Win and I said I would talk more in detail about the strategy around Winning today.

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So has Winning turned into a bad word like Sales? (sorry sales people, I am one so I feel your pain)

Has Charlie Sheen ruined it for everyone?

Well just to refresh, I stated there were two distinct strategies, Educate or Win.

You Can Either Educate or You Can Win – You Can’t do Both

Yesterday I got some flack from some of my colleagues stating that I should say:

Educate And Win

As an educated person I would love to believe that is the case but in reality I am finding that in our Information Driven world, that is not the case. Think about it this way; who get’s to write the history? The victors in the war, conflict or movement. In other words the ones that WIN!

So How Do you Win? (this why some of you came to this blog in the first place.)

  1. Keep It Simple Stupid! (So that’s not very PC of me.) – It is commonly known as the KISS theory. (BTW, what did you think the second “S” meant anyway?) In today’s world we say “140 characters or less”. Thanks Twitter
  2. Keep it Short! – Pretty self explanatory (see above) I tell clients to keep blogs under 500 words. Let’s see if can keep to my own consultation.
  3. IT MUST BE FUN!!! – If it’s not Fun, people won’t listen for long-We are talking about the majority, you Educated Elitist, (was that wrong to say? 😎
  4. Make it about them! – Give them their WIFT (What’s In It For Them) How does the message or what you are doing effect their life?
  5. Offer something of Value! -Give them something to reinforce the message that they are going to keep, at least for a little while. Like a pen, small football, notebook, etc. Why do you think corporations spend so much money on promotional items. Now you know why!

Businesses that succeed learn this message either from the beginning or in time. Yes it is great to Educate your audience and give them information but if you are a business, at the end of the day, you need to make money. That is how you Win! If you have a specific ideology you are trying to get across, you need to get people on your side. And unfortunately if all you’re doing is educating on the basics or high moral ground your message falls on deaf ears.

So my advice, if you are trying to deliver a message or run a business is this. Play to Win. If you Win you can then educate the people on what you want them to learn, until then,  They Just Won’t Listen!


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