You Talk Too Much!

You Talk Too Much!

So has anyone ever told you that you talk too much? We live in a new world of short headlines and Twitter feeds that are only 140 characters. Where less is more. But it seems that some of us aren’t getting the message.

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Dale Carnegie states as one of his Golden Principles of Becoming a Friendlier Person:

“Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.”

Now I’ll be the first to let you know that I LOVE talking about myself and my business. Don’t even get me started. But that is the key. So does everyone else. And if you are trying to Influence the person you are speaking to, then you need to do more Listening and less Talking.

Somewhere along my many years in sales and negotiating I remember the phrase – “He who speaks first loses”. So what does that mean?

Quick little story to illustrate this point. I was recently sitting in a shared workspace and right behind me a gentleman was conducting interviews for some type of sales position. OK so yeah, I was eaves dropping, but they were in the booth right behind me! Anyway this young man sat down and the Interviewer asked him to tell him a little about himself. Well this guy began and you would have thought he was the King of everything.

He started talking and kept talking and kept talking and kept talking. I started saying under my breath. Stop Talking! I knew he was bombing this interview. Not that what he was saying was bad, but he NEVER STOPPED TALKING! Finally there was a pause and the Interviewer interrupted and the young man asked him for feedback.

The Interviewer didn’t skip a beat and told the young man that in the last 40 minutes he had talked non-stop and that he never allowed a pause for questions or comments. His future clients didn’t want to hear him continuously speak but would rather talk about what they need and how this new product was going to help them. Think he got the job, probably NOT!

Sales people, and I am one so I’m allowed to talk about them, are notorious talkers. They are dying to tell the prospect everything they know about the product or service. To the point that some sales people talk the other person out of the sale, literally.

So what’s the lesson? Whether it is face to face, marketing material, sales collateral, online or on a social media platform. LESS IS MORE! Don’t talk about everything you know, just enough to get the point across. And if you are ever trying to Influence someone to do what you want them to do. Present your subject then…SHUT UP! Because it is true:



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  1. admin says:

    Les, I too have seen many times where someone snatchs defeat from the jaws of victory, because they simply don’t know when to be quiet.

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