Digi-Fluence! Do you have it?

Digi-Fluence! Do you have it?

Back in 2015 I wrote a blog called Influence- Digital Influence. It started off with a conversation I had with a business person who said “This new Digital World is not as big as people make it out to be”. I haven’t seen this person since then but I heard through the grapevine that his business is not doing that well. Imagine that. What do you think is happening? Ok that was sort of rhetorical. But in a word one of this persons problems is “Digi-Fluence” They don’t have it!

What is “Digi-Fluence”?

Digi-Fluence – the amount of Influence and leverage you have with your Digital Presence.

Is that 100%, 50% 10% or less?

I am working with a couple of different people, a lot smarter than I am,  to come up with the best formula possible to calculate the above for simplicity but until then here is the best way to determine your influence within your digital presence or think of it as your digital community.

If you make a request to your community such as “I need help moving”. How many people would make the effort to help you move, or at least respond to that request? Or let me take another example that really happened. (the names have changed to protect the person with the lack of influence- or something like that)

Larry, Curly and Moe all were looking for some money to help them get started in an entrepreneurial effort. Moe had over 5000 people in his digital community i.e LinkedIn, FB, Twitter and so on. Some of these people were very influential in their title, name and by reputation – meaning that they had money! So Larry and Curly were really counting on Moe’s community to help them reach their goal. Larry and Curly had much smaller digital communities between 1000-3000 people. So here is where it gets interesting.

Are you still with me?

Larry sent out emails to around 300 names that Moe picked out as the most influential people that could help. Curly and Larry probably sent out around 100 emails each as well. Here’s what happened…

The response from Larry’s group was around $1000 dollars, the response from Curly’s group was around $1500 and, drum roll please….., the response from Moe’s connections a big resounding $0.

So what happened? He had a great network and digital community on paper but No Influence within his digital community. Moe was as shocked as we were. And that is when I began to really look at Digital Influence and how you build it, get it and keep it.

In the next several blogs I will be breaking this apart for you so you can get in on the Influence band wagon. You may have 120,000 members in your digital community but how much Influence do you have with them? Until next time- Think about that.

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