Digi-Fluence Formula!

Digi-Fluence Formula!

So having been on the road the last several weeks I am a little behind on my blogs.  But I am back this week so thought I would hammer this one out.  We discussed what Digi-Fluence is in the last blog which you can see here.  So my smart friends have come up with a formula on how to discover your Digi-Fluence.

Ready….Drumroll Please….


Influence = Responses/(Base Contact Count x Requests)


So what does that mean and how do you measure it. This is for all you hardcore measurement people out there. (I know who you are) So let’s break it down.


My Influence is determined by the number of Responses I receive based on any Requests that I make multiplied by my Base Contact. So if you asked on Social Media for help getting in touch with someone like a plumber, business associate or long lost love or anything it would work like this.

I make my Request in the form of a Post on my favorite Social Media outlets. But let’s make this simple. Say I have 5000 people following me on Twitter and I make the Request to find my long lost love. I receive 100 responses on where I might find them. So I plug the numbers into the formula.

I first take my Base Contact count 5000 and multiply it by 1 which gives me 5000. Easy so far, right?

Then I take my 100 Responses that I received and divide it by 5000 which gives me 0.02 which translates into 20%. So this tells me I have 20% Influence within Twitter.

Do you have it? Well you know what they say Practice makes Perfect. So plug in your own numbers but let’s do one more example using smaller numbers. Hopefully you are starting to see the picture of how to truly understand your influence within your digital community based on a mathematical formula. OK!

You have 200 Contacts on FB (Really? Where have you been in the last 10 years? Hiding under a rock?) just kidding. I have to humor myself right. If you didn’t laugh at this then you definitely need to get another coffee. J But I digress. Ok where was I? 200 Facebook contacts. You then request to get people to help you move from Tennessee to California. You receive 100 responses. So let’s plug it into the formula.

Influence = 100 Repsonses / (200 Base Contact Count x 1 Request)

So take 100 which are the Responses you received and divide by 200 which is the Base Contact Count multiplied by the number of requests and you get… 0.5 or 50% Influence. So in this scenario you have 50% Influence with your FB Friends.

It’s going to take some practice for some of you and for others you’re like duh, why didn’t I think of that. Well you didn’t, I did so get over it. Wow I am in a sarcastic mood today. LOL

Hopefully this will help you determine your current Influence within your digital community. Next step – how do you get that number to go up? Guess what, yep, you have to wait til my next blog comes out and at the rate I’m on the road, who knows when that will be. I promise this, no later than next month. Maybe even earlier.

Have a great one and keep working on that Influence.

Les - Blog PhotoLes Adkins CEO and Founder Orange SMS, Serial Entrepreneur, Adventurer, and co-founder APocket (coming to your mobile device soon)  #LikeAPocketonFB #ChangeTheWorld





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