Patrick Nolan

Patrick Nolan

Business Development Executive at Fleetmatics

“I have had the pleasure to work with Les for several years. To say that Les is knowledgeable about Social Media, the marketplace and Social trends is a major understatement. Les brings a Whole Brain thinking approach to Social Media in such a forward thought process, it allows all to think outside the box on their Social Media and Clients.

Les is highly respected by his peers and industry leaders as one of the top experts in Social Media in the world. Les’s approach to teaching and education is so strong, because it is his life passion! Les takes each initiative on as a personal goal, to achieve each and every vision for his clients and students’ ,showing them the right way forward.

Whether one on one, to an executive board, sales team or an audience of 1000’s, Les’s highly energetic style, delivery and his in-depth knowledge will captivate everyone. Les is not only update on the industry, he also keeps his clients and students informed on upcoming trends, is very organized, diligent, easily reachable, and always on time.

I highly recommend Les Adkins for teaching, educating, developing strategy for Social Media, and speaking engagements.”



Larry NettlesLarry Nettles

Director – Sales Development & Training

“While at Premiere Global Services (, an Atlanta-based provider of virtual meeting solutions, I had the opportunity and indeed the pleasure of working with Les Adkins.

I would recommend Les and his work to any person or organization that is developing or deploying a social media strategy. This recommendation is based on the personal characteristics Les displayed while working long hours under constant pressure to adapt and deliver value in a constantly changing environment:

Knowledge: Les understands the “business of business.” He is conversant in all the key functions of the modern enterprise and how social media can make each of those functions more efficient, and more effective.

Mental Agility: Knowledge alone is useless unless you can fit what you know to the situation at hand. Les is a very agile problem solver. He knows how to approach a situation from multiple perspectives and won’t allow himself to get bogged down in the “that’s how we’ve always done it” mentality.

Enthusiasm: Les loves what he does, and it shows in how he approaches every working day and every client. He always makes time for anyone who needs extra help, or who just wants to have a deeper discussion on the topic at hand.

Passion: Les didn’t take on the material risk of starting a new business in the middle of a recession because it was a job….he did it because of his passion for extending the benefits of social media beyond the personal space and into the marketplace at large.

Work Ethic: While social media is very much a product of the 21st Century, Les does have one “old school” attribute and that is his work ethic. No one will work harder or extend greater effort towards achieving a common goal.

In my opinion, any organization can derive great value from the strategic view of social media for business that Les and Orange SMS bring to the table.”

Larry Nettles


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